Biobased road safety panels, worldwide!

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With great pride, we are pleased to announce the delivery of the first #biobased road safety panels, worldwide ! After months of developing, we have finally achieved the results of our hard work.

With this initial delivery of 2450 road road safety panels, we have 44,590 kg of above-ground CO₂ storage in the warehouse. This equates to the annual CO₂ absorption of 2230 trees! What incredible figures for our sustainable alternative!

The sustainable road safety panels from #Bewebe is made from a 100% renewable biobased (sugarcane HDPE) material. In comparison to a traditional fossil-based road marker, this marker boasts a compelling negative CO₂ emission of -18.20 kg CO₂.

CO₂-negative = Positive!

Our road safety panels can be single- or double-sided and is available with red/white Class III retroreflective sheets. It is functionally flexible and produced in one piece, minimizing the risk of loose parts in case of collision.

With this green product, #Bewebe once again leads the way by launching not just a CO₂-neutral product, but one with a negative carbon footprint! This sets us apart on a global scale!

We are fully committed to sustainability, circularity, and socially responsible business practices.

• Dimensions: 1000 x 250 mm
• Insertion foot: 60 x 60 mm
• Weight: 4.2 kg
• Reflectivity: red/white Class III foil
• Marking: left- and right-facing
• Custom branding available
• 100% Bio Based, 100% circular and 100% recyclable
• Dimensionally stable and functionally flexible like traditional road markers

Jump on our train and join us in shaping the green transition. Who is interested in our sustainable product? Only together can we continue to innovate and promote sustainability. /